Mark’s Story

Wordpress blog image take notice 300x220When was the last time you stopped to take notice of your surroundings? Have you listened to the wind in the trees, or bird song?

Mark catches sight of these wonderful events everyday and turned his passion for nature into a career.


To view some of Mark’s work visit: www.picsandsticks.co.uk

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are simple ways to make small changes in your life that make you feel better about yourself. But sometimes we need a little more help so:

If you need support straight away…. If you are concerned about your state of mind and are feeling low or anxious, it’s a good idea to speak about your feelings with your GP. Also, below are contact details for organizations that can provide support, advice or a listening ear:

Telford Mind

The Samaritans


  1. A very inspiring video which gives a valuable message that we dont need to search for or travel far to find things that will give us pleasure and enthusiasm.

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