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Health Champions are local community volunteers who care about the health and well-being of those around them and their communities. They can bring their own life experiences to improve health and well-being within those communities, including their individual circles of families, friends and workplaces.

Community Health Champions help others to enjoy healthier lives by raising awareness of health and healthy choices, sharing health messages, removing barriers and creating supportive networks and environments. They are able to engage, empower and motivate people to get involved in healthy social activities, shape local services, organise groups and events to meet local identified need and sign post people to relevant support and services.

We are developing a Health Champion Model in Telford and need your help!

You will be fully trained and supported in your role and will gain a recognised accredited qualification with the Royal Society of Public Health

What’s in it for you?

Increased confidence, self esteem and self belief

Access to other training as well as accredited qualification

Progress to new opportunities i.e. volunteering, education/training, employment, enterprise

Getting involved with the local community

Develop new friends and gain new skills

Improve your own emotional and physical health


If you are interested in getting involved Call 01952 384200 (ask for Deb)


Email: Debbie.Derham@telford.gov.uk


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