Volunteers to the rescue with water shortage in south Telford

Burst pipe situation shows how volunteering can be good for people themselves as well as the people they help.

Burst pipe situation shows how volunteering can be good for people themselves as well as the people they help.

by Thomas Cox

You will have no doubt heard the news recently about the burst pipe in the south of Telford that left several homes without clean water.

Thankfully the pipe is now fixed and people have access to water again. However, things would not have gone so smoothly without the help of a number of volunteers who gave up their time to give out water to people affected.

We want to say thank you to all of them.

Several local businesses were also helped out as people worked on repairing the pipe day and night.

There were also several unsung hero’s out there who looked after and cared for the elderly and vulnerable. Work that is invaluable to a community at times like this.

Clearly the strength of Telford’s community spirit has been on display for the past few days, and that’s been brilliant.

Thank you volunteers for all your help

We really appreciate volunteers here at Healthy Telford.

Everyday people support and help their neighbours, friends and family members who have health and social care needs.

Those volunteers often are invaluable to local communities as they can help to reduce people’s loneliness, as well as supporting people to be more independent and less reliant on the public services.

Put simply, volunteering is good for you and those around you – there can never be enough volunteering.

There are a number of opportunities in Telford to volunteer if you feel inspired to volunteer yourself. And we certainly hope you do as it can help improve your health too.

We want to hear about any and all the work volunteers did to help out with the burst pipe in south Telford. So let us know in the comments below – we want to give them the appreciation they deserve.

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