Start those tricky conversations with our drug & alcohol awareness training

We are offering training for front line staff from voluntary and statutory sector organisations around the basics of drug and alcohol awareness.

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We are offering training for front line staff from voluntary and statutory sector organisations around the basics of drug and alcohol awareness.

by Lyn Stepanian

Around 3,700 people were admitted to hospital with alcohol related conditions in Telford & Wrekin between 2015 and 2016.

Stopping this from happening means recognising and having difficult conversations with people that have a drug or alcohol problem.

But bringing up that “tricky“ conversation starter isn’t easy to do. However, our training on the basics of drug & alcohol awareness is here to help and will equip you with the confidence and skills needed to talk with people about their drug and alcohol issues.

If you work face to face with people in the Telford and Wrekin community, then this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the field of drug and alcohol use both nationally and within the local area.

The training is aimed at working with adults but will incorporate the Telford & Wrekin YP referral process. You can book your place on the training now.

Book your place for the Basics of Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

The basics of drug and alcohol awareness training

The training is practical in nature. Each course will have specific learning objectives and include time for interaction scenarios, built around the kind of situations the participants could find themselves, such as:

  • How to bring up the subject of drug/alcohol misuse with clients
  • What to do If a client presents under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Where to go to access local specialist support

The training will include a range of subjects/issues that would enable participants to understand:

  1. The prevalence of alcohol/drug use nationally, regionally and locally in Telford & Wrekin.
  2. Why people use alcohol/substances.
  3. The different types of drug and alcohol use (e.g. low risk, increasing, dependant drinking).
  4. A range of issues and ‘language’ relating to the use of alcohol and drugs.
  5. Risks and dangers associated with alcohol/drug use and the referral/support pathways available to residents of Telford & Wrekin.
  6. Units / safer drinking guidelines and health implication.
  7. Their own attitudes and values towards alcohol/drugs.
  8. Definitions of screening and brief interventions and how to use the locally preferred screening tools such as Audit C or FAST.
  9. How to be more confident in bringing up the subject and identifying who and when to screen and avoiding stereo typical assumptions.
  10. What to do with the resulting information from screening and be aware of local services and referral pathways.
  11. The impact of alcohol and drugs on older people and the wider family / community.
  12. How to confidently and effectively address drug/alcohol issues in their working environment
  13. The ways to deliver brief advice and harm reduction advice related to drugs and alcohol

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