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We’ve got our wristbands on for the TalkTLC campaign to tackle loneliness

A new community campaign called TalkTLC is aiming to break the cycle of loneliness in Telford.
People wearing TalkTLC wristbands
People wearing TalkTLC wristbands

A new community campaign called TalkTLC is aiming to break the cycle of loneliness in Telford.

by Thomas Cox

A new campaign to tackle loneliness and social isolation across Telford was launched by a local charity called the Shropshire Community Project this week.

The campaign called TalkTLC (Together. Listen. Care.) aims to offer support to those who feel socially isolated and unable to reach out to friends or family for support.

Matt Weaver, Founder of the Shropshire Community Project, and one of the people behind the campaign said:

“Loneliness can be an all-consuming feeling and prolonged loneliness can leave us with mental and physical health illness, which could have a lasting effect on our lives. It is not just the older generation that experience loneliness, it can affect all of us, at any age or stage in our lives.

“With school friends drifting away and living separate lives as we grow older, becoming busy with work and kids, finding it naturally harder as an adult to make friends, and losing loved ones are all big contributors to loneliness. With this campaign, we really want to remove the barriers and bring the community together.”

The campaign has launched a 24/7 friendship line manned by Social Volunteers. These volunteers offer a friendly voice and professional friendship to anyone who needs it. Several people have signing up to be a Social Volunteer for the charity already and you can to.

Matt told us that, “It is estimated that four in every ten adults living the UK today are chronically lonely, with five million of us admitting to having no real friends or anyone we would trust enough to really open up to. We are hoping that the TalkTLC campaign will have a positive impact in Telford, and potentially further afield as the service develops.”

TalkTLC Wristbands
TalkTLC Wristbands

A charity wristband can be bought to show support for the campaign and to raise funds. A number of local businesses have also signed up to the campaign to be TalkTLC Venues. People can visit these venues to buy wrist bands and visitors are encouraged to wear them at these venue to show that they are happy to have a friendly conversation. Staff at these venues will also be wearing wristbands.

Get involved with #TalkTLC

We wish the Shropshire Community Project all the best for the TalkTLC campaign and would encourage anyone to get involved. Either because you are feeling lonely or because you want to volunteer or make a difference.

Here is how you can support the campaign

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