Stand up to domestic abuse during the World Cup

Research reveals levels of domestic abuse rise after England games, win or lose.
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Supporters of all teams from Telford & Wrekin Council standing up to domestic abuse.

Research reveals levels of domestic abuse rise after England games, win or lose.

by Marvyn Joseph – Health Improvement Practitioner

I recently read a blog from the White Ribbon campaign, a campaign that encourages men to stand up to violence against women.

It stated that:

“Domestic abuse rose after each England game”

“Violent incidents increased by 38% when England lost – but also rose by 26%      when they won”

It made me ask – How can this be?

Football is our national game. The World Cup is most prestigious football competition of them all, it only comes around every 4 years.

As a man who loves to play and watch football I am shocked and disgusted after hearing about the rise in domestic abuse towards women when England play.

It got me thinking how I would feel if that happened to my sister, my mum, and I as a man had not stood up and said it was unacceptable.

To be honest I wasn’t even aware that there was any link between domestic abuse and football, so what can I do to help?

The White Ribbon Campaign

The White Ribbon Campaign is designed to encourage men to call on their male peers to practice tolerance, respect and kindness, and to stand up against male violence, bullying and sexism in all forms and that is what I as a man and a football fan am asking you to do.

As part of the White Ribbon Campaign, men are encouraged to sign up to a pledge never to commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence, and to wear a white ribbon to highlight that they have made the pledge.

Telford is a White Ribbon Town, which means that we support people who campaign to step up and positively make a stand towards ending Domestic Abuse.

Take the White Ribbon pledge

The most important thing you can do to support White Ribbon’s work is to take the pledge and mean it. I have, and I hope you do too.

Only by standing up and being counted can we hope to end male violence against women.

Take the White Ribbon Pledge

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