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Why not join in one Telford’s biggest walking events?

Exercise is much more fun and easier when you’re with friends. So why not join in the borough's biggest walking event?

Exercise is much more fun and easier when you’re with friends. So why not join in the borough’s biggest walking event?

by Dag Saunders, volunteer organiser of Get Telford Walking

The first in a series of events designed to get Telford active is soon to take place on Sunday May 19 with one of the biggest walking events in the borough.

We are planning to have start points at more than 20 doctors’ surgeries across the borough.

Volunteers from Telford’s T50 50 mile Trail, like myself, have joined forces with Healthy Telford to ‘Get Telford Walking’.

The walks have been organised with other active walking groups including Wellington Walking Group, Walking for Health – Telford & Wrekin and also the Wellington Ramblers Association.

Right now we need volunteers to get on board and lead a short circular walk. A special information event is also being held on Thursday, April 4.

Open to all, the walks will range in distance from short circular walks of 1-2 miles (up to 30 approximately 30 mins) and also longer walks from each surgery that join sections of the 50 mile trail.

The longer walks will converge in Telford Town Park and ensure everyone has chance to take part at a level that suits them.

Telford has so many footpaths and bridleways it’s just ideal for walking, plus there are so many beautiful walks and green spaces – this is a great way to discover new places and get out in the fresh air with friends.

We are also keen to share the benefits associated with walking like losing weight, preventing or managing conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

It also helps strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your mood, balance and co-ordination too and we’re inviting people to take part in these free organised and relaxed walks.

Join in

The open event for volunteers is being held at Court Street Medical Centre in Madeley between 2-4pm on Thursday, April 4.

For further info and to get involved, email  

Details for all the planned walks can be found on our Facebook page.

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