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Why GPs and staff at Teldoc will be at the Telford Parkrun with their patients

GPs and staff at Teldoc will be setting the example and showing that leading a healthy lifestyle is the solution to ill health - not a pill.
Telford Parkrun

By Jenny O’Connor, Quality Improvement & Research Facilitator Nurse at Teldoc

More and more we are seeing patients presenting with symptoms that are a result of today’s often sedentary lifestyle.

In general practice, we play an important role in supporting our patients to make changes to their lifestyle that will address the root cause of their ill health rather than issue a pill to simply suppress the symptoms. 

Forging links with Telford Parkrun is one way Teldoc hopes to encourage our patients to make a positive change in their lifestyle.

We are very proud to be a parkrun practice, the health impact on our patients from those who take part is huge.

Parkruns are volunteer-led 5k events that take place each Saturday morning across the UK and are open to walkers, runners and volunteers of all ages and abilities.

Across the UK More than 800 GPs have done the same and have now signed up to be a ‘parkrun practice.’

We promote Telford Parkrun to our patients, particularly those who would benefit from an introduction to exercise and a healthier lifestyle or are socially isolated and are struggling with loneliness.

This year will be the first anniversary of the parkrun practice initiative launched by Parkrun and the Royal College of General Practitioners in June last year. To mark this, the two organisations have teamed up to hold a national ‘GP parkrun pledge day’ taking place on 1st June.  

We will be honouring that pledge and staff from Teldoc will be at the Telford Parkrun on 1st June to celebrate being a GP parkrun practice. Parkrun is open to all ages and abilities; I will be taking part with my little boy so we will be walking the route!

Telford’s Town Park is one of the best parks there is. Parkrun itself has a great community, a positive vibe, everyone is cheering everyone on. I would really recommend it to anyone.

I would also encourage other GPs to and become a ‘parkrun practice,” and start forging links with their local parkrun. I feel it’s important for healthcare professionals to lead by example and encourage patients to take steps to improve their health and wellbeing.

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  1. This is great to hear. I heard about it at the pre race briefing on Saturday , it was well publicised then. Walking is good too though. It would have been good to have had more support from Teldoc for Get Telford Walking , perhaps next year?

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