Going on holiday? Use this checklist of health essentials you need to pack

Packing for your summer holiday can often be stressful and confusing. Don't forget anything by following this checklist of the health essentials you need to pack.
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by Thomas Cox

Packing for your summer holiday can often be stressful and confusing.

You’re unlikely to forget about packing in your favorite swim shorts or bikini of course – its normally those small but essential health items that get forgotten about.

So to help you to avoid holiday packing frustration, here is our quick checklist of things you will need to think about.

Prescribed medication

If you have a long term health condition which requires regular medicine, make sure you have enough for your trip.  

You should also consider the country you are travelling to and if there are restrictions on the medication you are taking.

Read the latest health and safety advice for the country you’re travelling using:

Emergency essentials

Holidays can bring stomach upsets, bites and stings, sunburn, and dehydration.  Be prepared, put together a holiday first aid kit with these emergency essentials:

  • paracetamol and ibuprofen
  • sun cream and after sun
  • diarrhoea relief tablets
  • bite and sting relief cream
  • insect repellent
  • antihistamine tablets
  • plasters
  • antiseptic
  • indigestion relief
  • wound-cleaning gauze
  • sterile dressings
  • bandage tape
  • plasters
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • thermometer
  • medication for pre-existing medical conditions

Traveling by air

Remember, if travelling by air, airlines carry a liquid restriction, so ensure anything you take is in a container under 100ml or is packed into your hold bag.

Enjoy yourself

Simple treatments that you pack ahead of time can really help you continue to enjoy your well-earned break.

If you’re unsure what you might need, you can speak to your pharmacist who can recommend the essentials you need to pack, and tailor it according to your travel needs.

Have we missed anything?

If you have a hot tip for holiday packing, or if you think we have missed something vital that every holiday needs. Let us know in the comments below.

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