Lets Get Telford Active

Over 6,000 take part in Let’s Get Telford Active

This summer, the Let's Get Telford Active campaign has swept across Telford and Wrekin’s parks, village halls, community centres and sporting facilities.
People taking part in Let's Get Telford Active events
People taking part in Let’s Get Telford Active events

Early this year we launched our ‘Let’s Get Telford Active’ campaign.

More than 20 community groups took part, holding sessions around Rugby, Tai Chi, Cricket, BMX riding, walking, running and more.

Developed by people in communities for people in communities, the idea was that each event would provide a fun and friendly way for people to develop a love for activity if they are out of practice – or even for people to get active for the first time.

During the campaign:

  • 120 people signed up to Netball England’s Workplace Netball League
  • 300 took part in Telford Hornet’s Touch Rugby sessions
  • 250 took part in Dawley Council Holiday Activities
  • 350 people went to Allscott Heath Sports Club’s open day
  • 220 took part in the Wellington Wellbeing Picnic
  • 400 people took part in 5K borough runs
  • 130 took part in Wrekin Riders Novice sessions
  • Rugby in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Allscott Health in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Archery in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Wrekin Riders and BMX riding in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Dawley Park in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Netball in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Cricket in Let's Get Telford Active
  • Park Lane In Let's Get Telford Active
  • Netball in Let's Get Telford Active

As well as putting on events, the campaign also helped to build four all weather running tracks for schools in the borough. These were at:

  • Lawley Primary School,
  • Wrockwardine Wood C.E. Junior School,
  • Lightmoor Village Primary School
  • Grange Park Primary School

It was exciting to see Paralympic gold medalist, Mickey Bushell, open the track at Grange Park School and talk with pupils.

A lasting impact

We’re lucky to have so many passionate people in our communities helping to create these events.

It’s good see that many of the events are continuing to take place next year, so there is a lasting impact.

Looking after and improving the health and wellbeing of residents needs to be everybody’s business. That includes volunteers and people in our communities. The campaign just shows what a a vital role they play in keeping people fit and well.

Right now, activity levels in Telford and Wrekin are surging. As a borough, Telford and Wrekin is top among the entire country for increasing the number of people classed as ‘active’. By working closely with people in our communities I hope we can continue to help people to develop a love for activity.

Marvyn Joseph

By Marvyn Joseph

Health Improvement Practitioner – Healthy & Active Communities

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