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How running can improve health and wellbeing in schools

The Telford Schools Challenge is encouraging running in schools this autumn, and Lawley Primary are one of the schools taking part.
Pupils at Lawley Primary School running in school.

As part of the Telford Schools Challenge, each class in Lawley Primary School has been out running every day to keep pupils active.

Thanks to their new track, children can get out and run no matter the weather.

The Telford Schools Challenge is part of the councils campaign Let’s Get Telford Active, which aims to help people discover a love for activity.

I spoke to Miss Jones about what they are doing. She said that when pupils go for a run they return to the classroom focused and ready to continue learning. Miss Jones also said that enthusiasm for P.E had increased. They now look forward to the lesson as they know they can run the track.

“It is great for the teachers because we also get that bit of exercise every day that we would not normally get. It is also a good time for catching up with the children while we are running.

We encourage the children to run one full lap and then a gentle jog or walk.

We have a running club on a Thursday after school which is currently full and has a waiting list. Two run leaders from the local community’s Lawley Running Club run it and they also support pupils to attend Parkrun with their parents”

Miss Jones, Teacher at Lawley Primary school
One class in Lawley Primary School taking part in the Telford Schools Challenge
One class at Lawley Primary School taking part in the Telford Schools Challenge

What the children think

When I visited it was clear to see that the pupils at Lawley Primary School are all enjoying joining taking part in the Telford school’s challenge.

Each run is recorded on Strava and pupils also record the total number of laps they run. That way they are able to see how the number of laps they compete in 15 minutes increases.

With each week that passes, the number of laps they complete in 15 minutes increases. The more laps they complete the greater the sense of accomplishment and the love that grows for their running sessions.

The school have ordered Fitbits for each class to use to help record each run, and show pupils how their running and health is improving.

“Running calms us down so we can crack on with our work”

“Helps us focus, clears our minds”

“Get’s me fitter, first time half way round I had to keep walking but now I keep running”

“I like that I get to talk with my friends when running”

“When I am at netball warming up I notice my stamina has improved”

“Better than lessons, running is cool”

Pupils at Lawley Primary School

Running in schools

It was great to see how Lawley Primary School are encouraging activity to improve physical and mental health.

By working with people in the community, parents are also getting into the habit of regular activity with their children.

Mandy Sznober

By Mandy Sznober

Health Improvement Practitioner – Children and Families

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