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Telford Schools Challenge: a physical activity competition

Local schools are taking part in the Telford Schools Challenge a friendly competition to see who can be the most active in Telford and Wrekin.
Pupils taking part in the Telford Schools Challenge at HLC Primary
Pupils taking part in the Telford Schools Challenge at HLC Primary

Encouraging regular activity in schools is important as it can improve attention in class, increase pupil’s enjoyment of lessons, and encourage healthy habits at a young age.

With that in mind I have been encouraging schools to take part in a Telford Schools Challenge to see who can be the most active in the borough – as part of our Let’s Get Telford Active campaign.

Eleven schools in Telford and Wrekin have taken part in the challenge so far:

  • Aqueduct Primary School
  • HLC Primary School
  • Ladygrove Primary School
  • Lawley Primary
  • Meadows Primary School
  • Newport Girls’ High School
  • Old Park Primary School
  • St Matthew’s Primary
  • St Patrick’s Primary School
  • Wrockwardine Wood Infant School
  • Wrockwardine Wood Junior School

How the Telford Schools Challenge works

Each term school’s will be taking part in a bit of friendly competition.

  • Autumn term – schools will compete to run the most miles.
  • Winter/spring term – schools will compete to complete the most ‘10 minute shakeups,’
  • Summer term – schools will vote to choose a challenge to undertake together.

Each school will receive a certificate for taking part, and I am looking into finding something special for the winners.

Autumn term

In November, schools schools competed to run the most miles.

You can see it in action in this video taken at HLC Primary School.

Autumn winners

The school that won the autumn term challenge was St Patrick’s Primary School. They ran nearly 50 miles.

Here was the top 5 schools and the number of miles they completed.

PositionSchoolMiles completed
1stSt Patrick’s Primary49.6
2ndHLC Primary25.7
3rdLadygrove Primary21.6
4thLawley Primary17.7
5thWrockwardine Wood Juniors13.95

Winter/spring term

In February the school’s challenge will begin to shake things up with Change4life 10 minute shake ups.

Schools will be invited to use the Change4life 10 minute shake ups and see how many each class or year group can complete during the month.

Summer term

More information coming soon.

What schools say about the Telford Schools Challenge

Maddie Griffin, Headteacher at HLC Primary, said:

“We are passionate about children being active in their daily lives as we know the impact is far reaching. It supports their mental health, emotional wellbeing and concentration.

We read together, learn together and we need to be active together. Children learn about healthy eating and the benefits of exercise in class-based lessons but it has much more impact when the children get to do this alongside their class teacher.

Maddie Griffin, Headteacher at HLC Primary

Join in the Telford Schools Challenge

It’s not too late to join and take part in the the Telford Schools Challenge. School’s are welcome to take part in as many challenges as they want.

Please get in touch if you want to get involved in activities being held later in the year.

Email: mandy.sznober@telford.gov.uk

Mandy Sznober

By Mandy Sznober

Health Improvement Practitioner – Children and Families

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