Telford volunteers dog walkers help out during Coronavirus outbreak

Telford and Wrekin Council has recruited a band of volunteers to help out the vulnerable during the Coronavirus outbreak. One thing they can help out with is dog walking
Russ with Sebby, the dog he volunteers to walk

We have a band of volunteers who are waiting to help with dog walking during the coronavirus outbreak.

On such volunteer is Russ from Donnington who takes Sebby out for his daily walk because his owner who lives nearby is isolating and has to stay at home.

Russ has two dogs himself (Welsh Springers Alfie and Karl) and is very happy to help his community, much to the delight of Sebby!

Sebby is a rescue dog from Spain and spent a few years on the street, then in kennels over here. So it’s a pleasure to give him some outside time, and hopefully relaxes his owner knowing he is getting his walks. I also get some fresh air. Win win.”

Russ, Telford and Wrekin volunteer
Russ out walking his dogs with Sebby

If you are walking dogs for a friend or neighbour – share your pics and vids with us.

Are you shielding from coronavirus and have no one to walk your dog?

Get in touch and one of our band of volunteers who are waiting to help with dog walking.

If your furry friend needs a walk, call our Community Support Line 01952 382030.

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