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Let’s Get Telford Healthy: get fit and well during the pandemic

Lose weight, be active, eat better and improve your emotional wellbeing by making small lifestyle changes - join Let's Get Telford Healthy.
Let's Get Telford Healthy

We have launched Let’s Get Telford Healthy, which aims to bring together people from across the borough who want to commit to being healthier.

Being overweight has shown to increase people’s risk of life-threatening complications from Coronavirus. So now is a great time to start living healthier. 

You can achieve your healthier goal by with the help of Let’s Get Telford Healthy by signing up to a series of emails with advice and tips to help keep you going over a 12 week period.

We’re not talking about strict diets, you don’t need to start climbing the Wrekin every day; we’re talking about taking small steps together to form healthier habits.

As well as losing weight, the campaign will focus on being active, eating well and emotional wellbeing. As these can all make a massive difference to our health.

Start your journey to a healthier you, sign up and join in Let’s Get Telford Healthy now.

Anyone who joins in with this campaign will have the knowledge on how to make small changes that will make a real difference. As well as some motivation over 12 weeks through emails, videos and interesting stories.

The advice has been put together by the Healthy Lifestyles Team. They are the council’s local experts in helping people to live healthier lives using small and simple techniques.

So join the Let’s Get Telford Healthy movement by signing up with your email.

People will also be sharing their progress on social media using the hashtag #LetsGetTelfordHealthy. You can also contact the Healthy Lifestyles team by joining the Healthy Lifestyles Chat Facebook Group for additional support from them and others on the same journey.

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  1. Perfect timing for this post! Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in-depth information you offer. You’ve really covered up almost all the possible info that every health conscious person should follow. Worth sharing! Please do continue sharing updates! Thanks a lot!

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