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Boost employee wellbeing – join the Year of Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is central to any organisation's success. Make wellbeing your organisations priority by joining the Year of Wellbeing.
Telford and Wekin's Year of Wellbeing
Telford and Wekin’s Year of Wellbeing

According to a poll by Mind, a mental health charity, the most stressful thoughts in people’s minds relate to work. For this reason, it makes sense for organisations to make employee wellbeing central to what they do.

It also makes good business sense. Stress, depression, or anxiety caused almost half of all work-related ill health cases in 2019/2020. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on everybody’s wellbeing over the past two years. In response, Telford & Wrekin Council launched a Year of Wellbeing in July 2021 to encourage people to think about their wellbeing and make a small change to improve how they feel.

The campaign has now helped hundreds of people to make time to go for regular walks, to sleep better, to connect with friends and family more often, and to limit the use of social media.

People can make their pledge to improve their wellbeing online. In return, they receive an email each week as a helpful reminder.

So far, survey respondents have said how much they have enjoyed being part of the Year of Wellbeing.

  • 95% are more motivated to look after their wellbeing,
  • 68% say they feel healthier and happier,
  • and 99% would recommend the campaign emails to a friend.

“Such brilliant and helpful advice, I still struggle daily, especially with mental health, but I do have some good days now, all thanks to the emails from the campaign.”

An anonymous survey respondent to the campaign.
A clear desk at home ready for work.

Make employee wellbeing the priority for your organisation this year

The Year of Wellbeing pledge for organisations gives your commitment to promote the campaign and get involved as an organisation.

When your organisation signs up to the Year of Wellbeing, we will then email you with:

  • ways to get involved in the campaign as an organisation,
  • our Healthy Telford Newsletter,
  • and other useful communications about funding, projects and campaigns.

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