Mental health support in Telford and Wrekin

These local services can help you to take care of your mental health.

Speak to a Healthy Lifestyles advisor

Two of our Healthy Lifestyle Advisors

The Healthy Lifestyles team team provide personalised support to help people to take care of their own mental and physical health.

Our advisors have a wealth of local knowledge and are specially trained to support you to achieve your goals.

Hundereds of local residents change their lives each year with the support of Healthy Lifestyle Advisor.


Telford & Wrekin Libraries

Libraries can do a lot to help improve mental health. They are a hub of activity for people to meet others, pick hobbies or engage in projects specifically design around improving wellbeing.

Library books to read

Each of our libraries in Telford and Wrekin has two collections of books to help people to improve their mental health.

One is called Reading Well for Mental Health, and the other is for younger people called Shelf Help – Reading Well for Young people.

Ask at your local library for more details on how to borrow these books.

Home Library Service

Library books can be delivered to people who are unable to make it the library through illness or disability.

The books are delivered by a volunteer, who can also stop to talk with the person they are delivering the book. A useful service for anyone feeling lonely and isolated that helps with mental wellbeing.

You can make a request for the Home Library Service for yourself or someone you know.


Volunteer Telford

Volunteering is as much about helping yourself as it is giving time for others.

Volunteers often feel an improvement in their wellbeing by making a difference to their local community, or just getting out and talking with others.

Their are several volunteer opportunities on Volunteer Telford, many are with organisations that promote Mental Health themselves – find one that suits you.

Local Groups

Court Street Community

The Court Street Community which involves a number of organisations meet at Court Street Medical Practice to provide a range of wellbeing support from yoga to counselling to coffee & cake.

Court Street Community is not just for patients to the medical practice but all local people.

Telephone: 01952 586616

For the record

For the record is an informal social evening for people to share their love of music. Come as you are or start a conversation by bringing along a favourite album, CD or tape, gig tickets or memorabilia.

Call: 07715 667975

Your local community Centre

Each of Telford’s Community Centres are a hub of activity for people to meet others, pick hobbies or engage in projects specifically design around improving mental health.

Check out your local community centre to see what’s on offer.


Branches brings local people with experience of mental health issues together so that they can help each other out.

There are several different types of groups offering this kind of peer support, these include: Anxiety and Depression Group, Personality Disorder Group, Family and Carers Group, Grief and Loss Group and a Dual-Diagnosis Group.

Support groups for young adults


Beam is open to young adults under the age of 25. They offer therapeutic group support relating to a range of common mental health and emotional wellbeing topics.

If there is something on your mind, they are here to listen and support.

Call: Gemma Hollands – 01952 459650


A ‘one of a kind’ diverse young people’s project based in Telford. Recharge offers support for Drug and Alcohol Dependency & Emotional Well-being for under 21s.

They offer Mental Health support through regular group sessions with like-minded individuals who are facing similar issues.

The group sessions help to engage young people struggling with Mental Health issues, and for them to gain insights into valuable ways of dealing with emotional difficulties.

Live Well Telford

Live Well Telford logo
Live Well Telford logo

We are very lucky in Telford and Wrekin to have a huge range of support available to help improve the mental health for local people, to help them to live well.

More than the highlights listed on this page.

Supported by Telford and Wrekin Council, The Live Well Telford Directory brings all support and advice around improving mental and physical health into one place.

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