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Want to lose weight? Then you need to know the number of calories in alcoholic drinks.

There are more calories in your alcoholic drinks that you might think. And they soon add up.
Selection of alcoholic drinks
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Alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar. Being high in sugar means alcohol contains lots of calories.

Calories from alcohol are known as ‘empty calories’ as they have no nutritional value. With a pint of beer containing the same amount of calories as a slice of cake, the calories in alcohol soon add up.

Cutting back on the amount you drink can significantly help to reduce your calorie intake.

Food comparison for an alcoholic drink

Information provided by One You.

Cut back on your intake

Drinking a bit less can help you find a healthier balance with things like sleep, mood, energy and weight.

Get started today with easy ideas to cut down from the One You website or download the Drink Free Days app on to your phone.

Free one to one advice personalised to you is available to all Telford and Wrekin residents. Get in touch and speak to a Healthy Lifestyle Advisor today.

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