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“It’s never too late to change – to live healthier”

At the age of 63, local resident Peter wanted to live healthier. With the help of a Healthy Lifestyle Advisor he managed to change his life.
It's never too late to change - to live healthier
It’s never too late to change – to live healthier

Before I met Vicky, a Healthy Lifestyle Advisor, I was in a pretty bad state. I weighed over 19 stone, I couldn’t walk upstairs without getting out of breath and I was comfort eating.

My health was affecting my life. I have a severely disabled daughter who I care for with my wife. Often I would find myself out of breath when trying to care for her, and my health was restricting what I could do for her. I also care for my son who has disabilities.

The situation made me feel anxious and depressed.

I felt like I had to do something. I went to my doctor, explained my situation, and asked if there was someone who I could see. They referred me on to Vicky at the Healthy Lifestyles Service.

When I went to my first meeting with Vicky I was not expecting much to be honest. At 63 I thought my age would mean that it was too late for some like Vicky to help me. I was feeling very pessimistic about the whole thing.

But I was wrong. Vicky ended up changing my life.

Eating less

Vicky started by giving me a health check. I was shocked to find that I weighed 19 stone and that my blood pressure was high. She also noticed how unfit I was and how I struggled to get upstairs at our first appointment.

We talked about my situation and Vicky gave me goals and targets for me to meet. She also started to give me confidence that I could make changes to my lifestyles and live a healthier life.

To start with Vicky encouraged me to keep a food diary. My wife wanted to help me, so she recorded everything I ate in as much detail as possible.

By keeping a diary Vicky noticed that my portion sizes were too large. That I was constantly snacking and eating unhealthy food throughout the day. And that I was not drinking enough.

With Vicky’s encouragement I now eat 3 meals a day at set times only. Each meal is smaller and has lots of fruit and vegetables. The only snack I have now is two rich tea biscuits with a cup of tea.

One of the main thing I cut out was pringles.

The pressure of looking after my daughter caused me to comfort eat. Eating pringles was my way out. I haven’t touched them since I met Vicky and I am determined not to touch them again. It may sound strange but I felt like giving pringles was a bit like giving up smoking. I still crave them – I miss them. Vicky has given me the strength to stop myself now.

Exercising more

I have artheritis in my neck, lower back, lower legs and arms, so it’s difficult for me to exercise.

But with Vicky’s guidance I have been able to find a few exercises that I can do sitting down. I am not doing any demanding exercises but I do walk more. I have gone from being barely able to walk to being able to walk for up to an hour.

Vicky told me that so long as I am moving it is better than doing nothing. I can tell that even the small amount of exercise I do is making a big difference.

Within a few sessions I was running up the stairs after Vicky when we had our appointments.

Feeling better

When I met Vicky, I thought I was finished. But I am so much better now thanks to her.

I am so thankful for everything Vicky has done. It has been a marvelous experience. Without her help I would not have made the changes to my life that I have. She has been a great mentor and given me the confidence to try things and live healthier.

Vicky made it easier for me. She pushed me and helped me.

At 63 I thought it was too late to change. But it is never too late to change. It is never too late to live healthier, to lose weight and get fitter.

In the last six months, I have now lost over 3 stone and my clothes don’t fit me anymore!

Taking care of my daughter and my son is hard but it has become easier and I can cope better since I met Vicky. I am now able to help my wife more than I used to at home.

My aim is to carry on with the changes I have made, to continue to lose weight and get fitter.

I would like to thank Vicky and the entire Healthy Lifestyles Service. If people are over weight and want to live healthier they should get in touch.

Healthy Lifestyles Service

Telford’s Healthy Lifestyle Advisors are here to support you make the change in your life that you always wanted to make. For free.

You can book an appointment to speak to one today.

By Peter

A Telford resident.

Parts of Peter’s story have been anonymised at his request.

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