Live Well Telford helped my family be more independent

After Amy's dad passed away and her mum suffered a fall, her family needed support. Live Well Telford helped them to find it.
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Live Well Telford has been a big help for me and my family when about twelve months go my mum fell and fractured her right leg. She wasn’t able to move around for 4 months.

Before this mum had a few health problems but she was independent, mobile and had been the main carer for my dad – who was in the end stages of his illness. Married for 50 years they would still enjoy social activities together and dad would take mum shopping twice a week.

After her fall mum needed surgery. She was in hospital for 2 weeks before moving into a nursing home for a further 4 weeks – which she hated. Mum was desperate to return home so her social worker and physiotherapist worked to make this happen. A care package was put in place enabling mum to come home even though she could not move.

This was great as it meant mum and dad were reunited for three weeks before dad passed away.

Recovery from the operation was difficult. Due to mum’s reduced mobility she had lost strength and stamina. After dad passed away she began to feel isolated and lonely which left her in a low mood affecting her wellbeing.

My brother and I found this very hard. We both work full time and couldn’t support mum as much as we wanted to during the week. So we looked for some local activities for mum. Through work, I knew about Live Well Telford – a website that helps people find the support they need to live healthy independent lives.

We found a local business who offer a transport and companionship driving service. They take mum shopping and support her in and out of the house safely.

We’ve also found some local groups where she can have a chat and a cup of tea with others. Both of these give me peace of mind that mum is not as isolated and can get about when leaving the house safely.

I have also used Live Well Telford myself and found carers groups which have been a great help and support to me. I will continue to use Live Well Telford in the months and years to come.

By Amy

A Telford and Wrekin resident

Parts of Amy’s story have been anonymised at there request.

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