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School family cooking session is a hit for pupils, parents and teachers

The eat well project went to Wrockwardine Wood C.E. Junior School to deliver a family cooking session to teach about healthy cooking.
A boy in school uniform stirs a pan of noodles and vegetables while a woman in a blue apron with the words 'eat well' looks on

The eat well project visits schools and carries out family cooking sessions.

When they visited Wrockwardine Wood C.E. Junior School, pupils met with Niki and Kerry from The Eat Well team before the session to discuss what foods they liked and disliked and to choose what they would make. After coming down to a close vote between cereal bars and chicken noodle soup, the ultimate winner was the chicken noodle soup. Six children from years 3 to 6 were chosen to take part.

The following week the parents joined their children at the session. They learnt how to prep and cook chicken noodle soup together, with Niki and Kerry on hand to assist the families with their soup.

What did pupils, parents and teachers think of the sessions?

Children cooking at a family cooking session to teach about healthy cooking.

A year 3 child commented that they had, “never cooked with dad before, and I didn’t know he was so good at chopping!”

Afterwards, the families got to try a little bit of their chicken noodle soup as a group before taking the rest home to enjoy that night.

A child from year 6 said, “tea time at home is really busy, but this is great because I have spent time with my step dad and now we have made tea for everyone to enjoy when we go back home.”

A parent praised the session, saying, “It was a lovely opportunity to try new, healthy foods with my child in a fun environment.”

A teacher at the school who popped into the session said, “the children and parents were having a great time. They were engaged, having fun, tasting different ingredients and enjoying quality time with their child. A fantastic, well-resourced and prepared session.”

The family cooking session helped the school meet some of the Relationship Health and Sex Education (RHSE) requirements ensuring that the pupils know the basic principles of preparing healthy meals.

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