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Feel the difference of nature – be active in Telford’s green spaces

Exercising when surrounded by nature can boost your wellbeing in a way other locations cannot.
Green Space are go

Our modern, fast-paced lives often leave us stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

One of the best ways to combat these negative feelings is through exercise, especially in natural settings.

With spring on the way and the weather improving, now is a great time to enjoy the benefits of exercising outdoors in Telford and Wrekin’s green spaces. Here is why you should make it part of your routine.

The power of nature, activity and wellbeing combined

older couple exercising outdoors by doing yoga

Taking part in physical activity in the beauty and peace of a natural space can make exercise even better for you.

Studies have found that regular use of parks or woodland for physical activity reduces the risk of poor mental health. This does not happen in indoor spaces. Studies have also proven that being in the natural world reduces stress and improves how you feel.

Telford and Wrekin: a haven for green space exercising

Someone with a watering can and trowel tending to their outdoor garden

With 23 nature reserves and more than 300 green guarantee sites, Telford and Wrekin is the perfect place for green space exercising.

These spaces are free to all. So, everyone has access and enjoy the benefits of outdoor physical activity.

With many of our sites having outdoor gyms, multi-use games areas and play areas, our local green spaces are ideal to visit to get moving.

We are all moving outdoors more

a man doing outdoor exercise by going for a run

Over the past decade, the total number of visits to green spaces has almost doubled. This indicates a growing awareness of the importance of spending time outdoors.

Get fit and get fresh by adding physical outdoor exercise or activity in green spaces into your daily routine. A staggering 89% of adults agree that ‘spending time out of doors is an important part of my life.’

Be a green mover

Children playing in their local park.

Taking part in outdoor exercise in Telford and Wrekin’s beautiful green spaces can greatly impact your health and happiness.

Make the most of our many nature reserves and green guarantee sites available to you and make outdoor physical activity a part of your daily routine.

Together, we can create a healthier, happier community through the power of nature and exercise.

Green spaces are go.

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