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Outdoor gyms in Telford: everything you need to know

Telford's outdoor gyms can help you stay healthy - all for free. But how do you use them, and where are they?
The outdoor gym at Donnington recreation ground in Telford.
The outdoor gym at Donnington recreation ground in Telford.

An outdoor gym in Telford is free and easy to use, and you can find several across the borough. They are places to achieve your fitness goals whilst enjoying the fresh air.

Studies show that exercising in nature can boost your wellbeing compared to other places. So outdoor gyms in parks can be very beneficial to your physical and mental health. Why not meet up with a friend, head to one of these outdoor gyms and work out while catching up?

The equipment is simple to use, but if you are unsure, we have some helpful videos to give you the confidence to use the equipment.

Why use an outdoor gym in Telford?

  • Weight loss – It’s recommended to complete 150 minutes of brisk activity a week. You can break down this activity over five days with 30 minutes for each day.
  • Feel good – Physical activity releases endorphins which improve your mood. Endorphins will help you feel good about yourself and develop a positive can-do attitude.
  • The benefit of nature – Outdoor gyms combine the power of nature and activity to boost your wellbeing. Studies have also proven that being in the natural world reduces stress and improves how you feel.
  • Reduce body fat – Getting into your fat-burning zone is about posture and speed control. You should feel slightly out of breath but still able to hold a conversation (this is why it is good to go with a friend) and slightly clammy. You are going too fast if you are entirely out of breath and sweaty. Slow down.
  • Increase energy levels – Moving more helps us to feel full of energy and awake.
  •  Flexibility – Improve your joint flexibility and develop stronger muscles.
  •  Improve your cardiovascular system – Strengthen your heart and body circulation.
  •  Reduce blood pressure – Reducing blood pressure reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Where you can find an outdoor gym in Telford:

  • Admaston House Community Centre, Admaston
  • Bowring Park, Wellington
  • Dawley Park, Dawley
  • Donnington Recreation Ground, Donnington
  • Hartshill District Park, Oakengates
  • Hadley Park Road, Hadley
  • Heath Court, Ellerdine
  • Little Wenlock playing field, Little Wenlock
  • Marshbrook Way, Muxton
  • Park Lane Centre, Woodside
  • Princess Royal Hospital, Apley
  • Overdale Playing Field, Overdale
  • Randlay Village Green, by the MUGA
  • Redgra Play Area, Brookside
  • The Pavilion Field, Draycott Hollinswood,
  • Victoria Park, Newport
  • Wolverhampton University Campus, Priorslee

30-minute workout recommendations:

  • Five minutes brisk walk to the gym area – this is your warmup to prepare the body for the activity,
  • Five minutes on each piece of gym equipment,
  • Cool down is a gentle walk home to allow your body to recover.

There is an information plaque on each piece of equipment with safety and recommendation for activity levels – check these for your workout.

How to use Telford’s outdoor gym equipment:

The equipment is simple to use, but we have some helpful videos from Telford and Wrekin’s Healthy Lifestyle team and members of the community to help you get started.

The Horse Rider

Sky Stepper

Health Walker


Slalom Skier


  • Before using any piece of equipment – check for any damage. Should you find a damaged piece of equipment, please report this to Telford and Wrekin Council.
  • Always hold on with two hands when mounting the equipment and step on slowly.
  •  When on equipment and in motion, hold on with two hands to reduce the risk of falls.
  •  When dismounting the equipment, slow your movement until you come to a stop. Then, still holding on with two hands, carefully step down one foot at a time.
  •  Should you suffer discomfort, slow your movement to a stop and dismount. If pain continues, seek medical advice.
  •  Should you experience chest pains while using the equipment, slow your movements to a stop, dismount and call 999.

Feel the difference of nature with Telford’s outdoor gyms

We hope this has been helpful and that you enjoy using these fantastic outdoor gyms. We would love to hear your stories.

Let us know in the comments below, or send us your photos on Twitter @HealthyTF.

Contact us if you know of an outdoor gym that needs to be added to the list.

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