Seven different stories about loneliness in Telford and Wrekin

People think that social isolation is problem that affects older people, but the truth is that loneliness is something that anybody can experience.

Loneliness can affect anybody. And we have seven different stories that illustrate this fact.

There are also many different ways to deal with loneliness. Each of these different stories shows how people are tackling the issue of loneliness in the borough.

View them below and let us know what you think. How can we tackle the issue of loneliness? Let us know in the comments below.

Yong people talking about loneliness


How the feed the birds project stops with loneliness

Feed The Birds

How local charities like Telford Mind help with loneliness

Telford Mind

How community groups like Hub on The Hill, Forge Urban Revial, and the Roc Cafe tackle loneliness

Hub on the Hill
Forge Urban Revival
Roc Cafe

How families are affected by loneliness


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