Check Your Blood Pressure

Drop in and get checked by our blood pressure checkers

Do you know if your blood pressure is high? High blood pressure has no symptoms and the consequences can be serious, so it's important to know.
One of Telford & Wrekin Council's blood pressure checkers taking someone's blood pressure.

Having high blood pressure can lead to increased risk of heart attack or a stroke. So knowing your blood pressure numbers can save your life.

It’s quite common too. Around 1 in 4 adults in the UK have high blood pressure.

So, have it checked when you can. If you’re over 40, you should get your blood pressure tested at least every five years.

Telford & Wrekin Council has recruited several volunteer blood pressure checkers who will be based at events and clinics in local community settings, making it easier for people to have their blood pressure tested.

Our friendly volunteer blood pressure checkers are fully trained to check your blood pressure. They can also let you know what your numbers mean and answer any questions you might have.

If you want to drop and get your blood pressure checked, here is where they will be:

Blood pressure checkers pop-up clinics in Telford and Wrekin

15 September 2023Dawley Town Hall0930 – 1230
26 September 2023Leegate Centre, LeegomeryTBA
28 September 2023TBATBA
3 October 2023Jubilee House, Madeley0900 – 1300
6 October 2023Hub on the Hill, Sutton Hill1000 – 1300
10 October 2023Interfaith Council, Wellington1000 – 1300
17 October 2023TBATBA
20 October 2023Dawley Town Hall, Dawley0930 – 1230
24 October 2023Leegate Centre, LeegomeryTBA
26 October 2023TBATBA
31 October 2023TBATBA
3 November 2023Hub on the Hill, Sutton Hill1000 – 1300
7 November 2023Jubilee House, Madeley0900 – 1300
14 November 2023Interfaith Council, Wellington1000 – 1300
17 November 2023Dawley Town Hall, Dawley0930 – 1230
21 November 2023TBATBA
23 November 2023TBATBA
28 November 2023Leegate Centre, LeegomeryTBA
1 December 2023Hub on the Hill, Sutton Hill1000 – 1300
5 December 2023Jubilee House, Madeley0900 – 1300
7 December 2023Interfaith Council, Wellington1000 – 1300
15 December 2023Dawley Town Hall, Dawley0930 – 1230
19 December 2023Leegate Centre, Leegomery1000 – 1300

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