Join the Year of Wellbeing

Your time to feel happier and healthier.
Telford and Wekin's Year of Wellbeing

The Year of Wellbeing is a campaign from Telford & Wrekin Council that is aiming to boost people’s wellbeing following the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, thousands of people across Telford and Wrekin are making pledges to improve their how they feel as part of the campaign.

As a result, hundreds of people have now made time to go for regular walks, to sleep better, to connect with friends and family more often, and to limit the use of social media.

You can make your pledge to improve your wellbeing today. In return, we’ll send you an email each week for 12 weeks as a helpful reminder of your pledge.

Improving how you feel is about making small achievable changes over time. So each email is packed with simple tips and information anyone can practice in their everyday lives to help control how you feel.

Survey respondents have said how much they have enjoyed being part of the Year of Wellbeing.

  • 95% are more motivated to look after their wellbeing,
  • 68% say they feel healthier and happier,
  • and 99% would recommend the campaign emails to a friend.

“Such brilliant and helpful advice, I still struggle daily especially with mental health, but I do have some good days now all thanks to the emails.”

An anonymous person who joined the campaign.

Make a pledge to improve your wellbeing

Make a pledge to improve how you feel this year. Once you have made your pledge, we will email you with tips and information you easily can put into practice – as well as helpful reminders to help you achieve your goal.

This is your time to feel healthier and happier – join the year of wellbeing today.

Sign up your organisation to the Year of Wellbeing

Organisations play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of staff, volunteers and members. Sign up to get involved with the campaign and to receive local news and information to help improve employee wellbeing.

Tips and advice to improve your wellbeing

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